Fishing spots on the map

Here you will find all the useful information for fishing in the United Kingdom: types of fish that are found as well as spots where they are caught, weather and time analytics, a database of popular fishing bodies of water and cities. The basis of all data is real fishing reports, which are presented on the map below.

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Reservoirs for fishing of the United Kingdom

Below is a list of the top popular and large fishing bodies of water in the United Kingdom. We have compiled a large database on fishing in these waters based on real fishing reports. Explore lakes, reservoirs and bays to find out what fish are caught there and in what weather. Switch between carousel and list modes for convenient navigation.

Popular fishing cities in the United Kingdom

A list of the largest and most popular cities for fishing in the United Kingdom. By visiting the city's page, you can learn what fish are found in its vicinity, which bodies of water near the city are popular for fishing, as well as explore a map with locations where various types of fish are caught.

Fishing Regions in the United Kingdom

Below are the regions of the :country with detailed information about fishing in them. Here you can get all the information about fishing: what fish are found, which bodies of water are popular for fishing, what types of fishing licenses are available and how much they cost, what fishing bans are in effect and etc.